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Junk and Hard Rubbish Removal

We are most trusted Junk and rubbish removal service in Melbourne. When we move your house or office, we are happy to clean-up the property by removing and rand getting rid of your junk.
All you need to do is to let our team now how much hard rubbish or junk you have and we will do the rest. Our Trained team of furniture removalists will come to your property, workplace, home, or factory. Our hard rubbish and junk Movers team are careful movers who now how to move items safely out of your property. We provide you number of services such as:-

Office Rubbish or Junk Removal

Garden clean-ups,

End of lease clean-ups,

Commercial Removals and much more. We provide all type of Hard Rubbish removal service both in the commercial and domestic sector in Melbourne.

We assure you that not even a single item will be left behind by our expertteam. We have specific trucks to load all types of Hard Rubbish. We try to use or destroy in an eco- friendly way to save the environment by giving to charities or taking to recycle centers, Landfill is the last option.

We carry all type of junks like unnecessary books, furniture, cardboard boxes, and packaging. We accept all office rubbish like unwanted chairs, printers, computer table, unnecessary paperwork and we take garden rubbish like tree branches, unwanted plants,gardentools etc. We also accept hard rubbish like materials of steel, aluminium, cables, whitegoods, frameworks, and old furniture too. We accept TV, computers, phones, plastics, foam cardboard, car accessories and mattresses too.Our quality service is our guarantee for which we are re-known among our customers.

Note:- Please keep in mind we do not take or carry explosive or inflammable chemicals and radioactive waste.

For more information on our JUNK Removal Services, just call OYO MOVERS on 13000 13131 or Book Online (24x7)

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